4th Annual Charity Kickball Tournament

April 20, 2024
2500 S. Loop 336 E, Conroe, Tx 77302
2500 S. Loop 336 E, Conroe, Tx 77302

Ready, Set, Kick! The H-Town Dream Center invites you to be part of our exhilarating Charity Kickball Tournament, an event that promises not just fun and games, but also hope and opportunity for at-risk youth and their families in Montgomery County and the Greater Houston Area. When you join us on the field, you're not just playing for a trophy; you're contributing to a legacy of transformation.

By supporting this event, you enable us to continue operating our three foundational pillars: providing food to the hungry, rescuing/housing women and children in crisis, and most importantly, educating at-risk youth. With the launch of our new Community Center, your involvement is crucial now more than ever. Our Center isn't just a building; it's a beacon of possibility, a place where young lives can break free from the shackles of generational adversity to chase a future bright with potential.

Your participation helps fund essential programs that empower these young individuals with the skills, confidence, and support they need to rewrite their stories. From mentorship to academic tutoring, from sports to life skills workshops, every event, every contribution, and every player plays a part in turning dreams into reality for our community's youth.

Let's kick it for a cause and score goals for a better future at the Charity Kickball Tournament. Together, we can foster resilience, nurture dreams, and make a tangible impact in the lives of the most vulnerable in Montgomery County and The Greater Houston Area.