June 22, 2024
5 - 10 PM
Bull Sallas Park - The Arena
Bull Sallas Park - The Arena

The recent floods have severely impacted our community, displacing many families and causing significant damage to homes and property. In response to this crisis, Sundance Head has mobilized musicians and community leaders to come together for the “Flooded with Love” Disaster Relief Concert. This concert will feature a lineup of talented artists, including Sundance Head, Bri Bagwell, Ryder Grimes, and Sunny Sauceda, all united in their mission to raise funds and provide support for those affected by the floods.

This historic event is supported by Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Commissioner Matt Gray, Justice of the Peace Jason Dunn, and EMCID’s Frank McCrady, his team, and many other individuals and organizations. Our mission is to step up and provide essential assistance to those affected by these devastating floods, especially focusing on the costly drywall repairs.

The H-Town Dream Center has been selected as the nonprofit benefactor of this concert. All proceeds we receive will be directly distributed to disaster relief efforts, helping families recover and rebuild. As an organization that has been actively involved in disaster relief since the flooding began, we understand the critical needs of our community and are dedicated to making a significant impact.

By supporting this event, you will be directly contributing to the success of these disaster relief efforts. Your support will enable us to extend our reach and provide even more assistance to those in need. This is a unique opportunity to come together as a community and demonstrate our collective strength and compassion. Your involvement will make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are struggling to recover from this disaster and show our community that we are truly “Flooded with Love”!