Flooded With Love: A Community United for Disaster Relief

The 1st Annual Flooded With Love Disaster Relief Concert was more than just an event—it was a testament to the power of community and the spirit of togetherness. As the sun set over Bull Sallas Park, the heart of Splendora, TX, the night came alive with music, laughter, and a shared purpose that brought us all together.

In the wake of devastating floods, the H-Town Dream Center took on the monumental task of organizing a fundraising concert to support disaster relief efforts. The community rallied behind this initiative with unwavering enthusiasm. From the moment EMCID's Frank McCrady asked, "Who is going to lead the charge for this event?" Shannon Nelson, one of our founders, raised her hand, signaling the start of a journey that would bring our community closer than ever.

Our incredible lineup, including Sundance Head, Sunny Sauceda, Bri Bagwell, and Ryder Grimes, delivered unforgettable performances that left the audience in awe. Their talent, combined with the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of sponsors, helped us raise an astounding $70,000 in just 21 days. This success is a reflection of the collective effort and the love that permeates our community.

Special thanks go to our MC, Mark Linabury, President of the East Montgomery County Chamber, who jumped at the opportunity to host the event and brought his infectious energy to the stage. We also extend our gratitude to Diamond J Productions for their impeccable production services and to all the vendors and volunteers who contributed their time and resources.

This historic event would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of everyone involved especially Rachel Burke with Porter City Lifestyle. From planning to execution, the H-Town Dream Center team demonstrated our ability to work under pressure, proving once again that when we come together, we can achieve incredible things.

The Flooded With Love Concert was not just about raising funds; it was about coming together as a community, supporting each other, and showing that love and solidarity can overcome any obstacle. We are deeply grateful for the support and are inspired to continue our mission of serving those in need every day.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to make a difference in our community!

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