Foundation of Hope: H-Town Dream Center's Beginning

Born from a failed abortion and left for adoption, my journey began amidst adversity. Adopted into a family that later fractured through divorce, I navigated a path lined with feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. The anguish deepened in a marriage marred by mental and physical abuse. Yet, through these trials, my faith, though unsteady, remained a constant companion.

As a single mother of three, a pivotal moment of courage propelled me from the shadows of domestic violence. Embracing my faith fully, I embarked on a transformative journey, returning to school to become a Registered Nurse. It was during this period of redemption that I found love with Shawn Nelson, and together we became a beacon of hope in our church, initiating food pantries and guiding youth.

Our mission found its true calling at the Dream Conference in Pheonix Arizona. A prophetic message led us to Prayer Mountain, where Matthew 25:34-40 resonated deeply, urging us to 'Love the Least of These.' In 2010, this divine directive birthed the H-Town Dream Center. Starting with a modest red house, we began our mission, rescuing women and children from the streets, igniting a beacon of hope and healing.

Today, the Dream Center stands on three pillars: Rescuing Women and Children, Feeding the Hungry and Educating At-Risk Youth. Operating as a faith-based nonprofit, we offer all services free, sustained by community support. Our foundation is built on God's love, transforming personal trials into a sanctuary of hope and a testament to the power of faith in action.

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