Radell & Luke

Freedom is a gift I've learned to cherish deeply. A year ago, I was battling the aftermath of trauma, struggling to find a ray of hope for me and my son, Luke. We found refuge at the H-Town Dream Center, where we were not just seen but embraced and uplifted. Serving at the Care and Share Food Pantry, Luke and I have discovered the joy of giving back to the community that stood by us when we were at our lowest. This service has been a vital part of our healing journey, binding us closer and restoring our sense of purpose. Watching Luke thrive, embracing his love for music, and seeing his eyes light up with joy underscores the freedom we've found. Most transformative was the day we both accepted Jesus into our hearts, solidifying our faith as the cornerstone of our new lives. As I step into the Dream Center Intern program, I carry with me the strength and freedom born from hope, service, and unwavering faith. Luke’s Life Verse: Never tire of doing good; and in time you will reap rewards. -Galatians 6:9

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