The Power of 100: Transforming Lives One Gift at a Time

Join the Circle of 100 Giving Opportunity

Empower. Engage. Elevate.

Empower the Future
At the H-Town Dream Center, our commitment to nurturing at-risk youth and their families has led to the creation of a vibrant Community Center – a sanctuary for growth, learning, and empowerment. Here, every contribution plants the seeds for a future where children and families flourish.

Engage in Transformation
The Circle of 100 is an alliance of visionaries and change-makers dedicated to fostering lasting impact. By committing to a monthly gift of $100 or more, your company will be at the forefront of a movement reshaping lives and breaking the cycles of poverty and despair.

Elevate Your Impact
Joining the Circle of 100 places your company within an esteemed network of businesses driving positive change. It’s not just about giving; it's about becoming part of a story that celebrates progress and communal success.

Exclusive Benefits for Circle of 100 Members:

> Recognition of Generosity: Your company’s name will be displayed proudly within our Community Center, celebrating your pivotal role in our mission.

> Impact Narratives: Receive tailored impact stories that showcase how your contributions are sowing hope and prosperity.

> Social Spotlights: Monthly social media features that highlight your commitment and the tangible outcomes of your support.

> Community Involvement: Be informed about the Circle of 100’s growing influence with an annual roster of members.

> Symbol of Support: Exclusive Circle of 100 car stickers that mirror the solidarity seen in support of public services.

A Shared Dream
As we turn the page to a new chapter at the H-Town Dream Center, we stand ready to escalate our efforts in

Feeding the Hungry, Sheltering Women & Children in Crisis, and Educating At-Risk Youth. Your partnership in the Circle of 100 will ensure that our life-changing programs not only continue but thrive.

Together, we can construct a foundation for dreams to ascend and potentials to be realized. Let your company be a pillar in this mission. Your influence will ripple through generations.

You Can Make a Difference

Through your support, lives are being impacted daily! Stories like this would not be possible without the generosity of so many people like you.

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